07 June 2013

Survive in Love (Life)

Why you do all of this?

You cut yourself and watch the blood exude.
You breath in taking all the pain in.

You smile as you look down but the smile quickly fades.

You look at the blood in your jeans,
you run to the sink and rinse it off.

The blood still flows through your veins like a water fall.
You grab a towel and hold it there.
You then take out your cellphone and call your girlfriend.

She doesn't pick up.

By now your crying and leave a message saying,
'I'm sorry, but if I don't come back, forget about me'.

When she checked her messages this morning,
she cried like there was no tomorrow.

She had told you to stop cutting, but no.

She doesn't tell you things to help you.
She calls you back,
but she can't get through.
She keeps calling but no one ever picks up.

It's long distance,
and no one knows cause their parents are homophobes.
She wants to scream, cry, and hurt herself.

But no one really cares,
or even really notices her anymore.

She has no one else if you aren't there anymore.
You told her to forget about you,
but she never will.

She just wants to hold you and never let go.
Maybe you died,
maybe you didn't.
But she doesn't know.

She's thinking about killing herself.

She thinks she's the worse girlfriend ever.
She thinks just cause she couldn't stop her girlfriend,
that she's the worst person on the earth.

She thinks she should just jump off a bridge.
And to say the less,
she's really depressed.

But everyone is to blind to see,
to See whats really going on.

To see she really is hurting,

Hurting so bad it feels like knives stabbing her heart.
She wants to give up on life all together.

But she won't if she has you.


  1. So emotional.. Is it about lesbian? So touchy,, and I believe it happened for some peoples out there...

    1. The real one I don't make it lesbian story..

      But its hard enough to make it depress for man~

      Look like not gentle, so I make little changes.. :D


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