31 July 2012

Turn Back

Turn, and you give me one smile
Turn around and you'll know one very definite
Hopeless about our lives, in this world
Among person who oppose immortality
Figure who wanted the ferocity of love and hope
One would hope, that can never be reached

Hear me, turn away now!!
Or you would not know the beautiful butterfly its color
And will not fade even though time continues to turn and run
Fireflies that lit the night dark night
Provide light to shed light on dark

Feel with your heart, and close your eyes
Turn around now or you'll never know anything
About the soft touch of this hand
Fingers are always open to clench your hand
Ear is to always listen to various storie
Mouth is to give words of consolation for you

Turned around, and face-to my eyes now
Or you'll never see these eyes
I will close my eyes forever 
Your friend's eyes turn and look at this
Feel beautiful stream that is implied and contained in it

Turn around, look at me a moment and close your eyes
Feel with your heart, I have to take care
Be your guardian angel
There will always be near you, and give you comfort
Give you love that you want what you need

Turn around, because now is the time
Turned around to see me, not to the past and failure
Turned around to hug and know I'm there 

I'm behind you, to always keep you
Turn around to know I always give you support
Turn around to know what's going to exist in front of you
Turned to know  the future that will you and me reached

Hope and promise me and you always together ... >"< <3


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