09 September 2012

It's Time To Go


I know now it will never be clear.
I will never understand why this happened.
Tears , inexplicable fall.
How to wipe and dry this?

My heart always thinking of you.
How can I forget?
Me and you
Never reach an outcome.

You will not like me
This is a fact.
I may be just your burden.
Is not it?

May tomorrow
May be acquired
May be many years
You do not have to remember who I am.

I left three words for you
“Does not matter”, is not it?
Does not matter, you happy, on the line ^ - ^
Someone told me that

Me, he was very happy
Because I said the word “happy, on the line.”
Then when the heart is obviously very happy,
Was happy in more than someone else

Like a person,
Really don’t necessarily need to get him
He was happy when
They are not happier it?

Is not it?
When love went to the cliff,
Sweet memories already yellowed,
Love has been crossing the tulle into hate,

Only to say goodbye to the pain,
Time to fill this gap.
Happy tears flashing
Is the time to let go, move on..


  1. @joyce... ^o^
    Thank you so much.. ~

  2. I don't know why I have found this blog but, here is some thought for you Sanz, may be he has got a reason for it, and he just couldn't tell you right away and built some lies to force you to hate him.

    you see, I just went through such a relationship. I love her, I do and I couldn't tell her what is good and/or bad for her because I don't want her to think that I am such a pain in the butt for nagging her so much, until I realized I am not the one for her.

    here is the thing, in a relationship if you two can't push each other to be the best possible you, then it's not gonna be worth it. Believe me, no matter how good your intention is or no matter how sweet the relationship is and no matter how good that certain someone has treated you, it's not gonna be worth it if that guy can't tell you what is good or what is bad for you (that means he does not truly care about you even if he has treated you so good). So yea, go out there and be happy about yourself because someone like him does not deserve you just like I don't deserve such a precious girl like my ex. btw, I just broke up a couple of hours ago..

    1. Hey there.. :)
      Thank you so much.. I think when you can find this blog it's just fortune or our fate to know each other and maybe can be friend.. ^^

      Hope you can get the best girl for your life in future..
      Trust me, one day you will find her.. Have a nice day.. :)


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