06 July 2014

Love You Darling

Lover, Where have you gone
Why did you left me?
Did I do something?
Don't you miss  me anymore?

I memorized the way you spoke
I dreamt about you fairly enough
Time constant, I'll be forgotten
Oblivion at its best

 Softly spoken promises broke
I still love you
O my precious darling.
I will always will.

And I'll remember you till the end

Loving you is a nightmare,
But also a dream.
Loving you hurts,
But also heals.

I'll never escape the embrace of your love
That cradles me
But contains me
From the real world.

I cannot live on with my head in the clouds

And when the time comes
Let us meet again.
Let us love each other again.
Let us be together again.

I am looking forward
to your lovely face,
to your sparkling eyes,
to your everything.

Loving you is a dream
That has come true
Loving you was something
I'm glad happened to me.


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