20 February 2013

The Law Of Karma

The only just process, as injustices are eventually met and resolved in this heavenly court where each person is his/her own judge and jury and pays retribution or gains justice. A new life wave reincarnation cleans the slate of memory, while the person comes in with all vibrational patterns to be met and solved at that lifetime.

Everyone deals his own cards and the destiny as an aid to achievement.  Because the memory is blank to this and the walk is blind to anyone not using their inner core perception and falsely contradict their own path.

Destiny shaped also by the decision of the individual the choose his own options, not just the destiny that controls you

Destiny: What is it?

It is our choice made before taking on a human form. Our entire life span can be spent ignorantly fighting what we in actuality chose and then perpetually deny who we are and live in either what was, should have been, or could be in the tomorrow. This determines only one thing: frustration, fear and unhappiness.

Ask yourself and write on a piece of paper, who am I? 

Then date it. 

Proceed to ask this question everyday and again, date it.

Once you write down every aspect of yourself including such aspects such as: jealous, hate, loyal, considerate, patient, thoughtless...etc. as these are all elements of your personality which make up who you are. All of them have been created by you and are part of your ego as sub personalities. So, we play different roles in different circumstances. 

Realize how you are broken up into complexity. What we don't know is who chooses the role we play?

Often it is not us who chooses our roles, but one of our sub personalities. It is this that creates inner conflict. Get to know your sub personalities as this is basic to growth.

For example, some actors get so identified with the part they are playing they forget who they really are; they become impersonators.

How do you get to know your sub personalities? 

The answer is becoming ‘grounded’. It the knowing who you are and following your life path with strengths/weaknesses and now with knowledge of what is true in life, we are able to re-evaluate our choices.

Remember, everything is usually backward to what we initially thought.

The formula to self strength is simple… write, and you have to be honest. Don't forget we have been programmed (by who?) to look for complexity.

Inner conflict between the “I" and the sub personalities. Each wanting control and each governed by external elements.

As the "I" gets strong and grounded, it then means the totality of you (you and sub personalities) control and dictate which sub personality to use in given situation. In other words, instead of your buttons being pushed by others, you push your own buttons. The result? The inner conflict stops.

Of course, the real "I" must accept that these entire sub personalities are her/his own and her/his own creation. Denial does not eliminate them but actually empowers them; thus, you are then giving them the control.

Signs of conflict are: anxiety, mental confusion, despair, hostility, depression...etc.

Resolving these conflicts are slow process, but well worth the effort. llow a few moments a day to review and find which sub personalities dominated or tried to be in control. Run the review backwards from the present back to morning, as it is more effective. Remember, what you project around you (where you live, your haven, reflects what you are inside. If it is chaotic and confused look at this as a mirror image and make the changes needed to bring a more calm atmosphere.

It takes effort and discipline as only we can change what we are inside; no external elements cause us to be what we are inside.

We are one with the process of the creation of 'living' from that supernatural being->> God

Inner conflict : conflict between 'I' and 'subpersonalities', if we depressed frustation stressed anxious, its because not our fully self 'I' that controls ourselves but its one of our subpersonalities, so it made us feeling pushed by others instead us push our own buttons to stop the conflict, ourselves condition within us also determines the life we set to be

Its Ourselves that determines the life we set to be, so destiny doesnt work by itself but also effected from our decisions in life

And ourselves connected to that supernatural God , by forming us as one conscious being, that supernatural God insisted us to be shaped as a particular human that is good or bad

Now, through past experience, I guard my heart and using my intuition to make me choices.

I see right through others-quickly.

I know what I want & I will have what I want. 

Never settle-My life got better when I started living in the now. 

Is a moment by moment choice.

Stay positive.

I learned to let be-be.

Allow others to learn their own Karma lessons-without my help.

I have learned to smile, hold my tongue & walk away.

Today, I refuse to rent my soul out to just any human being. 


  1. Karma for people who hurt you?

    1. Not yet. :)
      I think all people have their own karma in life. Life cycle always happened and can be like that.


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