15 May 2013

Tell Me How

Please tell me..
How can you love a guy when your broken inside,
even though you care about him only he doesn't feel the same,
as if he lit a match and left you there to burn and die.
he left you there while you feel hurt, alone and shame.

I think you can’t do that.. Really

Your heart was broken and shattered,
yet he didn't realize how special you are,
you run away from the pain but its only scattered.
you were all alone to sit behind the bars.

You ask yourself Why did I let him get to me,
How will I get ever possibly get over him,
you comfort yourself under a big tree.
at this rate he is never gonna win.

Pretty soon he will realize the good thing that he lost,
You walk away to never look back but you find that its hard,
you will be gone then soon he will see the cost.
once he sees what he lost he won't be able to get very far.

Sometime he will finally catch up to you,
you may find this really hard to believe,
fate loves to bring people together especially you two.
when he catches up to you he won't ever let you leave.

You alone sit there in the dark shedding tears,
You might love him but he doesn't know love,
Feeling like he's known your for so many years.
it flying and gliding away like a dove.

How Can You love someone? Tell me..


  1. heart is like water. no matter how hard you hit it it will never be broken it can change shapes. ego on the other hand, is like a rock it can be broken. ego does not mean ur selfish, it simply means ur pride.

    1. Yes.. :)
      It's true.. ~

      Wise answer. thank you..

  2. like fire and ice. when you feel love for someone, like your heart burn with the fire of love. and when you're heartbroken because of her love, the heart like ice, froze and did not feel anything. when he went to bring your heart, then you will feel lost. and when he was brought back your heart and heal your heart, you will feel like being born again as a new baby to see the light and breathe on this earth. she is everything to you. she is your life. if he goes, you're as dead. if he's beside you, you're alive.

    1. I hope I can still alive when my hurt burned because love..
      But now still sinking away, don't know what to do..

      Love is not fair for me..
      When I am single or not.


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