26 August 2013

Wishlist : 27 August 2013

Wishlist : 27 August 2013. 

Why make this post? Just want to share list (wishlist) for my birthday. 

This is My Wishlist : 

       1.  Be a better person

       2. Have friend around the world 
           (who care and understand me)

       3. Develop and make my blog be better

       4. Lost Fat (Be Thin)

       5. Be Pretty Girl (Can be fashionista)

       6. Be wise person

       7. All people love and care me

       8. Good in English (grammar, etc)

       9. Success
       10.Happy Family & friends & Boyfriend

       11.Finishing final assignment’s     
             proposal & all is complete
       12.Graduate from college & Get Good Job

And this wishlist of mine is something just to make me feel more peaceful.
I wish it al goof years ahead. Amen ^o^

Then it’s all my wishlist... ~

*Give My Photo because some people always ask and want to know who I am - Sorry I am ugly one*


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