26 October 2014


So beautiful in a moment but sometimes can be so hurt

Waiting for new story? Or Wait for a man?

Watching someone else story, his own tears falling…

Memories are a bridge, leading to loneliness

Happy to you, lonely for themselves

I miss someone that he do not miss me, don’t have the same feeling

 Let’s forget the feeling of tears.

Belong to our songs, which ending to whom you want to listen?

A Turn, A lifetime, A Chance…

I’m still at that place waiting for you but you forget that place

Quarrel with him and the stranger said the truth.

Listening to sad songs with happy movie screenings.

To you, happiness was sad.

Living in a fairy tale, near a lot from heaven.

I care about you care about me.

I am a good person, do not hurt me.

Do the time, did not care the wrong time, wrong breathing.

After leaving, do not wish me happiness, you are not qualified to say.

Please do not look real good to me, I will believe.

I guess you know what to do, I think of you irrelevant.

Like a nice guy, like it or not wrong in themselves.

Do not forgot to smile.

Thank you to my heart.

Love, no regrets.

Some love, let go only to see

Woman’s affair, men can not afford

I worry about your affair will others will take it seriously.


  1. wish you find the meaning of love, where you will fill full and end the emptiness inside you.
    from someone that used to be friend with sadness and now a sibling of happiness

    1. Thank you so much. :)
      I hope can do that.

  2. A great phoem from you sist
    And i wish i can read the another thing from this blog

    1. Thank you Rafi. :)
      I will write poem again later.

  3. Saya Suka .. Meski Saya Ga Ngeri Apa Ini :D

    1. Hanya sekedar puisi biasa saja. :)

  4. Hoiciang kenmachichochang hosyu wuwusyu hoahoa menknokonichiang hakanakhembussss :v

  5. ikut nyimak ajah
    visit my site "robimaeza.com"

    1. Thanks. :)
      I will visit your website..

  6. its my life, its now or never :)

    1. Thank you so much. :)
      Evertyhing will be better.

  7. I miss someone that he do not miss me, don’t have the same feeling

    thats very mak jleeb sekali..


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