24 March 2013

For CF & Z (JA)

Remember this one ever you said for me.. ~

Just Give One Poem.. The Last Poem maybe.. :)
God Saving you from bad guy?
You said He protect you

Are you blind? Can't see my effort?
Can't see how much I don't want to see you hurt by anyone

You never realized that...

I can't said anything else to you again...

You leave me for someone

But remember one day someone will leave you for others

And it's happened now...
You back when he hurt you

I always accept you more than others

But you always do it again and again

Don't need sorry

Anything useless...

I choose alone and you can find your fate

Never back when you dumped by someone

Our fate is our choice
And your choice not me...
I remember anything about you, but you never remember anything about me... Nothing..

And it's from your boyfriend.. you never know about this, or anything... 

NB : He is player and always cheating and lie for all thing.. ~


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