17 March 2013

Silent Tears

Everything never fair.. It’s done…
One side loud But other side so quiet.
Crying in secret
With silent tears.

But you wouldn't know it,
Just by looking into her eyes.
The hidden sadness
That's buried deep inside.

Broke her heart only with “one word”
 Word have more power than you know.
Never forgot for all time of life
Crashing her self esteem to an all time low.

Hear her heartbeat
She cry so loud
You never know about that
You can go overboard very easily.

When you realized you do wrong
Anything can’t easily just back your head
That when you return at the end of the day,
You'll both act as though it was never said.

Because she cries in silence, at the dark side
And you will never know.
As she writes these words down
While her tears still flow.


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