26 May 2013

Night Eagle Damsel

I can see blank or plain in her sorrow

Find love without see rivals
And indiscriminately in love

Don’t choose opponents in love

Like a bird's incubate the child in another nest

Find advantage from other people

It’s bad and nasty
Similar to the one

I was upset and annoyed
Seeking to prove there's still something good

Until fall in forbidden love

If your love only like that to other
Better you love me since now
I told this to him

I like it at all does not feel afraid

Finally felt it was found
I'm looking for something from childhood

Something which has been nowhere to be found
Finally now I found also

All the mess but also the beginning of me

Until now I never knew his last
There is someone who could not tell me his feelings

He who continues to pray for me

I hope he's as happy as I am will happy


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