04 May 2013

Empty Love

I am sad but yet I show happiness.
I am heart broken but still say ” I’m okay”

I have a smile upon my face to show everyone I am strong.

Smile young girl for it is not the end of the world

But a new beginning.

Prolong happiness and everlasting joy
Even with a slight of darkness your dimension.

You must be strong for those that are not
You must be alert for the ones that are unaware.

You are the girl with inspiration light, that makes the dark fright.

Yes, you have weakness it’s alright.
I will shall hold you with the remains delight.

Do not cry, or stay in distress.

For I am the guardian that makes you Smile
You have to walk the path of wants and needs.

Yet another challenge it may be.

You will not go to the wanting path, nor the needing path.

You are stuck so it seems
I see you grieving while you press your hands on your delicate skin.

You are troubled for it seems
But something is telling me to leave you be.

I shall come and see you, hold you in my arms of delightful heat

Little girl, Oh sweet little girl you shall not cry
There is a gentle side that is near and close to you.

You must be strong and fight for what is right

Ignore the dark, If it is little. Fight the dark for if it is strong.

Let dark inside yourself and build it to move on.

For I am the Guardian that makes you smile,

I shall protect my only light.


  1. Keep smile blue rose.. :)
    Love will hide all pain
    I will back as my promise to you
    Miss you, hope you can love me from beggining

    Just make new life, no.lie no hurt or pain
    We together forever.

    1. Thanks dear.. :)
      Just back and prove anyhting.. ~

      Tell me the newest you...

  2. i hope one day i can see your smile,i hope the princess of darkness
    turns into a princess of light,and smile.a smile is like a rose so beautiful.

    1. Thank you.. :)
      I hope so. Life will be better for me. I hope... ~


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