24 January 2013

Deep Regret

I leave him for you
Best friend I think

Effort many thing i can
You can share anything

I give you smile and anything the best
Love, joy, happiness

Never want to see you sad
Dont want hurt or leave you
Never want others hurt you
Or disturb you

I keep you
So possesive
But i am so foolish
Loyal for wrong person

Can't turn back time
Can't back to the same condition

I am so nasty
With him I don't want
But i choice to detached from you too

I am alone now
My regret is why I must choose you
Why must effort for you

But you see me is nothing

I never think it will happened to me
I never regret have friend like you
But you never have me
Never feel I am alive

You take anything

Life always have new day
But not for me
You took my smile and my deepest breath

Anything already changes
Cant go back

I cant reach my happiness again
You block my life

Destroy me slowly

Killing me inside


  1. Why always sad?
    who hurt u more and more?

  2. noone.. :)

    already pass and dont need to I remember


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