19 January 2013


Honest and loyality is tribute

But you broke my soul

I keep in calm

Take time for silence

Shadow come and face me

Bring me to the dark side

My heart was frozen

Can’t realise the soul

I never feel fear and alone
Shadow is my new friend

Shadow hug and kiss me

Take me breath again

Hide me from light

Which can kill me

Protect from other people

Who lie and hurt my heart

Patience is useless

Care and Love is Nothing

Look in my eye

Blank  is one can you see

See in my deepest soul

Now sorrow come and be my part


  1. Deepest hurt huh? Quite sad..

    1. gelbenegger andreasJanuary 25, 2013 4:07 AM

      i hope the shadow bring you back to the light.and the sun clean the ice in your heart.i come to the land of shadow and fight against the darkness.i bring you in a land of smile,no lies no pain, where the sun ever shine and love kills the hate,and the dark princess changed in a light princess.

    2. @ Andreas..
      I hope so.. Thank you so much always support me.. :)

    3. @anonymous
      It;s maybe hurt..
      But already passed.. :)

  2. this is really an excellent blog..
    two thumbs up!!

    1. @Jeetendra

      Hey you already have blog? :)

      It's nice..

      Thank you for support and care for me.. ~


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